TEENREK: Helping you to Challenge Prejudice!

Teenrek offers equalities training and educational workshop opportunities to companies and organisations who are committed to ensuring that their staff and their clients are aware of the key issues surrounding Equality and Inclusion.


Teenrek’s training and workshop packages include a comprehensive overview of all discrimination and prejudice, which can occur in the workplace and the wider community.


These include; religious bigotry, sectarianism, racism together with homophobia, sexism and all forms of hate crime towards minority groups.


The equalities workshop training will provide education and strategies to combat these issues.


Teenrek also offers alternative services which address the issues of territorialism and violence around both young people and prison service inmates. These challenging activities offer education and an understanding of the complex issues to participants.


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Where to find us:

TEENREK 7 Kelvindale Court

Glasgow G12 0JG

Phone: 0777 911 7223


Email: info@teenrek.org


Or use our contact form.

Business Hours

Our office opening hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm


However we offer our services outwith these days and hours


What's new?

We are happy to offer our services across the sectors!


We are happy to offer our services to clients in the Private Sector, the Public Sector and throughout the Voluntary Sector.

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